Monero XMR

Last Update:
15 minutes ago
$139.34 1.32% 24H
79,374,240 IRR
Market Volume
1,252,638,777 IRR
15.93623829555 XMR
Market Cap
203,941,679,325,102,300 IRR
Circulating Supply
18,440,212 XMR
Min & Max Price
79,011,120 IRR
79,835,230 IRR
Global Volume
373,591 XMR


Monero (XMR) is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that is designed to offer users enhanced anonymity and security. Monero was launched in 2014 as a fork of the Bytecoin codebase, with the aim of providing a more advanced and scalable cryptocurrency.

History of Monero:

Monero was created in April 2014 by a pseudonymous developer who went by the name "thankful_for_today." It was originally called BitMonero, but the name was later shortened to just Monero. Monero was designed to be a more secure and private alternative to Bitcoin, which is a pseudonymous cryptocurrency.

Monero Features:

Monero uses a unique obfuscation technique called ring signatures to protect the privacy of its users. Ring signatures work by allowing a user to sign a message on behalf of a group of users without revealing which user actually signed the message. This makes it difficult for anyone to trace transactions back to an individual user.

In addition to ring signatures, Monero uses other privacy features such as stealth addresses and confidential transactions. Stealth addresses allow a user to generate a unique address for each transaction, making it difficult for anyone to link transactions together. Confidential transactions hide the amount of XMR being transacted, making it difficult for anyone to determine the value of a transaction.

Monero Market:

As of March 2023, Monero is the 38th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, with a market cap of over $2 billion. The price of XMR has fluctuated over the years, reaching an all-time high of over $500 in 2017 before declining and stabilizing at around $100-$200 in recent years.

Monero Mining:

Monero can be mined using a standard computer or a specialized mining rig. Monero uses a proof-of-work algorithm called RandomX, which is designed to be ASIC-resistant. This means that it is difficult for miners to use specialized hardware to gain an unfair advantage over other miners.

Monero Energy Consumption:

Like most cryptocurrencies, Monero mining consumes a significant amount of energy. However, due to its ASIC-resistant algorithm, Monero mining is less energy-intensive than Bitcoin mining. Nevertheless, Monero is not a sustainable solution for decentralized energy consumption due to its energy consumption.

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Token Info

Monero Price: $139.34
Price Change: 1.32% 24H 3.29% 7D


Monero Local Markets in Iran

Source Price %24h %7d Volume (24h) Confidence Liquidity Last Update
Citex 246,250 IRR 0% 0% 0 IRR
4/10 11 months ago
Nobitex 79,011,120 IRR 2.3% 0% 480,002,067 IRR
6/10 14 minutes ago
Tabdeal 79,276,370 IRR 2.87% 0% 293,871,214 IRR
6/10 14 minutes ago
Hitobit 79,835,230 IRR 2.94% 0% 478,765,496 IRR
5/10 14 minutes ago
Exbito 0 IRR 0% 0% 0 IRR
6/10 1 week ago