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386,773 IRR
Market Volume
9,678,189,755,976,610,000 IRR
16,513,596,939,909 EOS
Market Cap
329,049,111,974,143 IRR
Circulating Supply
1,110,653,290 EOS
Min & Max Price
378,000 IRR
389,968 IRR
Global Volume
236,135,663 EOS


EOS, or Enterprise Operating System, is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that aims to provide a scalable and user-friendly infrastructure for building decentralized applications (dApps). In this text, we will dive into the history, features, market, mining, and energy consumption of EOS.

History of EOS:

EOS was launched in June 2018 by Block.one, a blockchain technology company that also created the EOSIO software. The project raised over $4 billion in its initial coin offering (ICO), making it one of the largest ICOs in history.

The EOSIO software is based on a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, which allows for high scalability and transaction throughput. DPoS enables token holders to vote for block producers who are responsible for validating transactions and creating new blocks.

EOS Features:

EOS has several features that make it stand out among other blockchain platforms. These include:

  • Scalability: EOS is designed to be highly scalable, with the ability to process thousands of transactions per second. This is achieved through the use of parallel processing and sharding.
  • User-friendly: EOS aims to make it easy for developers to build and deploy dApps on the platform. It provides a range of tools and resources, including smart contract templates, developer APIs, and a web-based IDE.
  • Flexibility: EOS is a flexible platform that allows developers to customize their dApps according to their specific needs. It also supports multiple programming languages, including C++, Python, and JavaScript.
  • Governance: EOS has a unique governance structure that allows token holders to vote for block producers and other decisions related to the platform's development. This ensures that the platform is run in a decentralized and democratic manner.

EOS Market:

EOS is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization, with a current market cap of over $10 billion (as of March 2023). It is traded on a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, and Coinbase.

EOS is also used as a utility token on the EOS platform, with users required to hold EOS tokens in order to access and use dApps built on the platform.

EOS Mining:

Unlike some other cryptocurrencies, EOS cannot be mined. Instead, new tokens are created through a token distribution process that takes place over a year-long period. During this period, 2 million EOS tokens are released each day, with these tokens being distributed among EOS token holders who have staked their tokens to vote for block producers.

EOS Energy Consumption:

EOS, like many other blockchain platforms, has been criticized for its energy consumption. The platform uses a DPoS consensus mechanism, which requires a relatively small number of nodes to validate transactions and create new blocks. While this makes the platform highly scalable and efficient, it also means that the energy consumption of the platform is concentrated among a small number of nodes.

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EOSIO Price: $0.766
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EOSIO Local Markets in Iran

Source Price %24h %7d Volume (24h) Confidence Liquidity Last Update
Exbito 386,683 IRR 2.4% 0% 9,678,189,640,130,521,000 IRR
6/10 29 minutes ago
Wallex 388,260 IRR 2.81% 12.93% 5,653,093,801 IRR
6/10 29 minutes ago
Ramzinex 389,968 IRR 2.97% 0% 1,542,888,651 IRR
7/10 29 minutes ago
Phinix 378,000 IRR 0% 0% 0 IRR
6/10 29 minutes ago
BitPin 387,480 IRR 0.02% 0% 5,005,811,650 IRR
7/10 30 minutes ago
Nobitex 387,500 IRR 2.62% 0% 21,055,308,706 IRR
8/10 29 minutes ago
Huluex 389,253 IRR 2.4% 0% 1,827,422,311 IRR
5/10 29 minutes ago
Tabdeal 387,040 IRR 2.2% 0% 80,761,562,641 IRR
6/10 29 minutes ago